Initial commit


I haven't written anything on my blog since 2017. That is a very long time. Personally, I think that is because I was under the illusion that the content of my blog has to be good, because people could read it. The reality, is that even if some random person does read it the likelihood I interact with this person about a blog post that they didn't like is basically zero.

Anyway here is some $\KaTeX$ because I want to test it out with this new blog setup.

$$\int_0^x e^x dx$$

I'm using Zola and the theme Serene, which you can see there at the bottom right. It is pretty spiffy and I like the theme overall, zola is also really nice a step up from Jekyll in my opinion. Anyway, if you are reading this, including you future Andrew, don't take the blog too seriously, it's just a romping good time.